The Best Results

Dr. Sarah and the team at Imagine use the latest technology and treatment options to give you the best smile imaginable. High-tech scanners (no more gagging on impressions!!!), in-office 3D printing, the best brackets in the industry, and aligner systems that really work, are just some of what sets Imagine apart.

Orthodontist in Rogers
Rogers Orthdontist

The Best People in the Best Location

You'll see the difference when you meet the Team at Imagine. Kind, professional, and experienced-committed to making you smile. And exams are always free! If treatment is needed, you can trust that Dr. Sarah will give you the best advice on how and when to proceed. No pressure, no obligations. That's the way we do things at Imagine.

The Best Reason That Sets Imagine Orthodontics Apart

We don't have offices in other cities. We don't swoop into Rogers a day or two a week and then head back out of town. We live here. We love it here. We pay taxes here. We support the local people who support us. One office, one orthodontist, since 2009.